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Neuro-Lab Rat - Phase 2

Length: 42+ minutes
Sample: LINK

Hello again, I'm Dr Shelle Rivers and I would like to thank you for your continued participation in My ground breaking research in Neuro-Psychology, focusing on the experimental use of neural switches to influence positive behavioral changes (unethical mental enslavement). If you recall Phase 1, W/we focused on using deep hypnotic conditioning to program your neural switches to accept voice activated commands when triggered by Me, and only Me, with a simple snap of My fingers, a key word, followed by a control word (very dominant and erotic).

In this next phase, Phase 2, W/we are going to evaluate how these programmed neural switches can be used to manipulate your state of mind (to indoctrinate your will) and effect improved behavioral response to the initiator (obeying My commands without thought or question). I know that may sound like mind control or some form of sinister brainwashing (yes, yes it is) but I can assure you that there is nothing to fear, My research is completely ethical (wicked laughter) and with your support W/we could improve the lives of millions (of Women) who would benefit directly from this treatment (given to ALL men and sissies).

As My Lab Rat (soon to be owned slave), you do understand these trials are experimental so there is some risk of side-effects (more reasons to experiment). To help mitigate this and protect your higher brain functions (a plausible excuse) W/we will need to use prior hypnotic conditioning in conjunction with the neural switches to essentially switch off your conscious thought processes and remove your ability to access memories. This will ensure you are more receptive (extremely susceptible and suggestible) to the treatment.

I know that may sound a little bit weird (I'm trying not to scare you while I'm getting myself so horny and aroused), but you can TRUST Me (big smile), this will make the testing go so much quicker (resistance will be futile) and before you know it you will be moving on with your (new subservient) life. So let's begin and see how neural switch manipulation (deep mental conditioning) can completely subjugate your will (Wait, did I just say that out aloud)?!

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Trance Deepener

Trance Deepener

Level: Moderate
Length: 20 minutes
Category: Inductions

Trance deepener:  For those who want to experience an even DEEPER state of trance with your Princess.  Listen to My voice as you surrender to relaxation... slip into a wonderful trance, fall deep into yourself, into the warmth of a warm blanket snuggling you closely.  My words will guide you, just let go and trust this feeling.

I want to take you get cozy and just feel yourself letting go...Listen to this file before each Hypnosis file to achieve the deepest will soon fall for ME.

Price: $20.00

Femdom Hypnosis - Trance Deepener