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Tranceformation - The beginning - Statue

Level: Hard
Length: 42 minutes
Category: Mind Control
Sample: LINK

This is a MUST have file, the first in the series I am developing to TRANCE FORM YOU in truly amazing ways that could only come from the mind of your DOMINA.

THIS is what you have LONGED for, BEGGED for, CRAVED--and NOW it is time.

The first of the TRANCE FORMATION files, where you learn that being a STATUE is more than just standing still---giggles

Calmness comes to you, as your body and mind are prepared for a journey of a very different kind.  Does it really matter where I you really want to know....and just think this is ONLY the beginning.  I have always wanted My very own puppet, puppy, zombie, a statue of cold HARD metal, sex toy or dildo, and a chair for Me to sit on...or maybe even a pair of panties for Me to wear...who knows what naughty inanimate items I may desire next.

OMG, this will be fun...giggles

Now I TRULY can have it all....Yes, My power over you is growing.

Fall deep into My wondrous massage, and let me MOLD your MIND and your BODY into whatever I want you to become------for Me to use and abuse.

Don't worry I'll be nice, at first anyway. :) ***LAUGHING***

Only: $20.00

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Mind Eraser--Zombied Blank

Mind Eraser--Zombied Blank

Level: Strong
Length: 62 minutes
Category: Mind Control-Brainwashing-Erotic
Sample: LINK


This MP3 includes 62 minutes of Mind Confusion and complete BLANKNESS_Zombied.  Warning: THIS FILE IS VERY STRONG.


You will find your mind as MUSH.  My zombied slave, you will experience COMPLETE BLANKNESS  ***Includes a FREE Bonus File from My Trigger selection***

Price: $35.00

Femdom Hypnosis - Mind Eraser--Zombied Blank