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Tranceformation--Used and ABUSED

Level: Medium to Hard
Length: 36 minutes
Category: Mind Control-EROTIC
Sample: LINK


A special kind of TRANCE-FORMATION---where your lack of control is My weapon to stimulate you in MANY ways. I will USE you and ABUSE you. Rated XXX.

Just imagine what being USED and ABUSED means to you----This is one TRANCE-formation that you will not soon forget.

Maybe I will make you into a simple OBJECT, puppet like, a sex toy, so many twists and much SEXUAL PLEASURE in being Trance-formed. I will touch on many of your most EROTIC fantasies and fetishes.

A special slave experience---be what I want you to be---PLEASE ME! Not even chastity will stop this EXPLOSION---Just as I intended.

Special Halloween Price--ONLY $15--Halloween weekend ONLY.

You will need to be able to stand (but no need to move) during this file. For the best effect, you should listen to the first file Tranceformation--Statue before listening to this file. It will be even more effective if you have listened to the first file multiple times.

Only: $15.00

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Mind Eraser--Zombied Blank

Mind Eraser--Zombied Blank

Level: Strong
Length: 62 minutes
Category: Mind Control-Brainwashing-Erotic
Sample: LINK


This MP3 includes 62 minutes of Mind Confusion and complete BLANKNESS_Zombied.  Warning: THIS FILE IS VERY STRONG.


You will find your mind as MUSH.  My zombied slave, you will experience COMPLETE BLANKNESS  ***Includes a FREE Bonus File from My Trigger selection***

Price: $35.00

Femdom Hypnosis - Mind Eraser--Zombied Blank